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What a beautiful day we had at the Weald & Downlands Open Air Museum at Singleton with our very good friends, Bella & Johnnie. The Museum was holding its annual ‘Autumn Countryside Show’ where they were demonstrating a variety of old fashioned work skills such as ploughing and threshing and other countryside crafts. Very interesting it was too!


We parked in the overflow car park in the corner furthest away from the entrance expecting to have most of the field to ourselves. In fact, the opposite happened. There were literally many hundreds of cars filling the various car parks on the site and the overflow carpark too was full to bursting.


The sun shone all day long and we had a wonderful picnic lunch in the shadow of the beautiful autumnal downlands – and of course Peabody. But that’s not all! Enter stage right, Peabody’s new friend, Bentley Azure! Affectionately known as ‘The Bentley’. I know, don’t ask. The Bentley is a fantastic example of the last ‘all British’ Bentley to roll off the production line prior to the company being sold to Volkswagen. So, no emissions problems here then! 🙂


The Azure is a mere 6.75 litre V8 turbocharged engine producing well over 350 brake horse power. You might say ‘it’s over egging it a little’ compared with Peabody’s modest 25 bhp. However, we could have done with a few more ‘horses’ when leaving the show on the road towards Chichester. The hill is particularly steep and Peabody only just made the hill in second gear (following a stop to change down from third – thanks to the straight cut gears. Oh do I yearn for synchromesh once in a while).

What a lovely day with beautiful weather and to share it with good friends is simply wonderful.