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I looked out of the window at 7am and the weather looked grey but dry. Peabody likes dry. And so does Peabody’s driver, JP. Following a short, light shower at 8am the sun came out revealing fluffy white clouds and blue sky and actually quite warm for this time of year. Marvellous.

Peabody was her normal obedient self and started first time. I polished her paintwork and adorned her with white ribbons. This is the day of Lucy and Matt’s wedding. Lucy looked wonderful in her sparkly, ivory wedding dress accompanied by her bridesmaids in their pretty, deep violet coloured dresses and matching handbags and shawls.

All Sitting Comfortably © Rolls-Royce Wedding

All Sitting Comfortably

At around 2pm we left the bride’s house with my complement of five bridesmaids and made our way along the A27 to Arundel being followed by David and his daughter, bride to be, Lucy in a rather smart Porsche 911. As we drove through the streets Arundel I hooted Peabody’s slightly comical hooter – one of those ones with a large black rubber bulb – and people’s faces lit up with delight whilst going about their shopping and sightseeing.

Arriving at Arundel Town Hall © Rolls-Royce Wedding

Arriving at Arundel Town Hall

We arrived at Arundel Town Hall shortly before 2:45pm and waited patiently for the bride to arrive in the Porsche. A few minutes after 3pm she arrived with a roar as the Porsche accelerated up the street towards us. She was helped out of the car by her father and they disappeared into the beautiful town hall building for the wedding ceremony. The town hall was built to the design of Robert Abraham by the Duke of Norfolk in 1834–5 and has a wonderful flint and sandstone façade with flanking towers in Norman style (100 years before Peabody was built).

A dash to the altar © Rolls-Royce Wedding

A dash to the altar

After the ceremony and photos on the terrace the bride and groom emerged from the town hall entrance just as the rain decided to make a concerted appearance. We drove the long way round to the reception at The White Swan to allow the rest of the wedding party and photographers to arrive first. As we drove on to the A27 the heavens truly opened and we were treated to some of the heaviest rain I have seen for a long time. No matter, Peabody ploughed though the puddles and torrential rain and we arrived in the nick of time as the rain strengthened and poured even harder.

Lucy and Matt @ Rolls-Royce Wedding

Lucy and Matt

The journey home was tricky to say the least – what with the windscreen steaming up and gallons of surface water on the road made visibility somewhat difficult. Peabody doesn’t have mod-cons such as air conditioning or windscreen fans – even her windscreen wipers are pretty poor. However, we arrived home safely and with put Peabody away in her garage albeit a little damp.

A gorgeous wedding and great fun to be a part of Lucy and Matt’s special day. Many congratulations!

A dash for the reception © Rolls-Royce Wedding

A dash for the reception

Rolls-Royce Rain! © Rolls-Royce Wedding

Rolls-Royce Rain!