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This weekend we drove to a pub called ‘The Duke of Cumberland Arms’ in Henley near Haselmere (just off the A286) with the lovely Peabody – oh and of course my even lovelier wife! Oops. The pub was gorgeous – tucked away on a leafy hillside frequented by locals on first name terms with the staff. The food was excellent. Peabody evidently needed a little TLC because she really struggled up a couple of the very steep hills also throwing a hissey-fit at the bottom of a long descent heating her drums causing a touch of brake-fade and pedal-judder. I realised that the struggling uphill probably was because of the mixture control being too weak. However, today I decided to check her vital statistics to ensure that she’s on track for our next outing.

Spark plug

A little bit of carbon but at least it’s dry!

So, tyres checked 35psi all round. Water and antifreeze top-up for the radiator. Sump oil – level checked. Chassis oil pump – level checked and topped up. Spark plugs all removed, cleaned and gaps checked – some needed attention. Distributor cap removed and inspected the rotor and checked the breaker point gap. I oiled the various oil points for the distributor, dynamo, magneto, fan pulley etc., and oiled the various linkages from the steering column to the distributor and carburettor. All in all everything in order.

Sump - Nearly full!

Sump – Nearly full! Normal sump capacity 1.25 gallons. So, this looks too full going by the gauge. When I change the oil for the first time, I’ll have to put 1.25 gallons in and see what the gauge shows.

I was suspicious of a problem with the idling. She would idle smoothly for 10 seconds and then a little (very minor) cough repeating every 10-15 seconds or so. As she warmed up this reduced somewhat however it does seem to reduce again when the mixture is richer.

She seems now to be running a little more smoothly although I suspect that I may have to service the carburettor in the not too distant future to check there’s no unwanted debris!!


Level Topped up

Chassis lubrication reservoir – Level Topped up