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History of GHA16 ‘Peabody’, a 1934 Rolls-Royce

1933 – Chassis number GHA16 rolls off the production line in the Rolls Royce factory in Derby. The chassis is delivered to Windovers in Hendon on 24th November 1933.

1934 – Windovers Coachbulders create the beautiful ‘long’ limousine body and deliver her to Mr Wilkin, an engineer, in Brockley Hill, Stanmore on 3rd February 1934. Peabody is used regularly by him and his wife, Greta Fayne (stage name) a well known comedy actress of the time.

1939 to 1945 – Wartime. GHA16 is laid up for the duration of the conflict.

1945 to around 1960 – Peabody is used as a family car in Wadhurst, Sussex.

1960 to 1980 – Laid up and unused for around 20 years in a garage block in Wadhurst.

1980 – Mrs Wilkin gives GHA16 to her son Jeremy but the car remains in Wadhurst, unused for a further 11 years.

1991 to 2004  – Peabody is serviced, licensed and driven by Jeremy Wilkin in Chelsea, London SW10.

2004 – Sold at Bohhams to the ‘Real Car Company’, vintage car dealers based in North Wales who sells it on to its second owner, Mr Laine.


2004 to 2011 – Mr Laine and his wife give GHA16 her name ‘Peabody’ and cares for her very well, taking her on several rallies, including two continental trips to Boppard in the Rhineland region of Germany and to Obernai in the Alsace region of north-eastern France. Peabody performing beautifully throughout. Peabody’s paintwork is restored to its attractive and without doubt original colour.

2011 – Mr Laine sells Peabody back to ‘The Real Car Company’.

2015 – Sold to ‘RollsRoyceWedding.co.uk’ managed, driven and run by JP Rowe, Worthing, West Sussex. JP drives Peabody for pleasure, keeps her in tip top condition, starting her every week throughout the year.

2016 – JP chauffeurs Peabody for his first wedding. Peabody has a full mechanical service including a rebore with new cylinder linings, new pistons, cleared waterways, new hoses and amongst other things, a new upgraded clutch.

2018 – Peabody undergoes an interior refit. New leather upholstery, door cards, headlining, carpets and a custom-made walnut cocktail/picnic cabinet.

All-in-all a gorgeous, comfortable, if slightly quirky limousine in fantastic condition. She is loved by us all.