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There’s so little information about which modern car battery to choose for the Rolls 20/25. I visited numerous websites which invite you to enter either your registration or the make and model of car and it magically suggests the correct battery for your beloved car, that is, unless you have a car in her 80s – then these sites are most unhelpful. A couple of these sites don’t even allow you to browse their stock of batteries unless it has it already has your vehicle make and model – and if you have Rolls 20, it’s a dead end.

I spent some considerable time researching car batteries on the Internet. The original battery supplied with a Rolls 20 was a 60 Amp-hour lead acid battery which required topping up with distilled water periodically. These days, sealed batteries don’t require any maintenance and many have a significantly higher Ah rating thus offering increased performance. Gel Cell batteries are commonplace too however, I found them quite expensive for the higher Ah rated units. I did find an interesting web page http://www.batteryfaq.org which describes the chemistry and makeup of the various types of battery and the performance at different temperatures.

After much deliberation I have settled on a sealed Exide Excell EB955 95Ah which should give me much better cold starting and significantly longer cranking before it fades and no maintenance whatsoever. This EB955 costs around £80 inc VAT.

Exide Excell EB955

Exide Excell EB955

Exide Excell Technical Specification:

  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Technology: Wet
  • Capacity: 100 Ah
  • Cold cranking amperes: 720 A
  • Length: 306 mm
  • Width: 173 mm
  • Height inc. terminals: 222 mm
  • Guarantee: 3 Years

Similar batteries that I could have chosen:
Enduroline 250
Exide 250TE
Bosch S4029
Numax 250
Varta G8
Powerline 250