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I was a little sorry to see that from this year you are no longer required to display a tax disc in the windscreen of your car. The sun has set on the little circular piece of paper that just won’t stick to the inside of one’s windscreen. Big Brother is now watching and woe betide you if your car number plate is spotted by the computerised cameras without having paid your road fund licence fee (Unless of course you have a car which is exempt from the fee! You still have to go through the motions and apply online for your tax).

However, this is a bit of an opportunity for a classic car driver. I drive a 1934 Rolls-Royce and the tax disc from 1934 is simply gorgeous! Check this out…

Pre-war Tax Disc

Pre-war Tax Disc

So, thank you DVLA, I much prefer the vintage disc, it matches the car beautifully!