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I said on Thursday, “Let’s go and see my mum and dad in the Rolls”. Long distance? Not really, but Peabody, bless her, is happy to whisk you along at a steady cruising speed of 48 mph which means that a 55 mile trip takes two hours with all the stopping and starting through Croydon Borough Council territory. She will do 50 and even 60 however, it’s a bit like forcing an old lady to run the 100 metres. BUT, what a fun two hours we had!

It’s slightly embarrassing being overtaken by cars with large caravans and a convoy of those light blue, three wheeled, fibreglass invalid carriages. But, talk about travelling in style! Despite being overtaken by everyone and their mother, we seem to be the centre of attention by bored kids waving from the rear of the family car or a rastafarian driving a Sweeney style Ford Granada giving us a knowing nod. Marvellous.

So, our route: A24 to Horsham then A23 to the M25 for one junction and finally A22 to Caterham and up Tythe Pit Shaw Lane to Sanderstead then Selsdon and finally West Wickham. Tythe Pit Shaw Lane is a pretty steep hill – I simply popped her in second and she obliged all the way to the top. Admittedly, there was a bit of a queue behind us as we reached the brow of the hill.


Mum & Dad were delighted to see their son and his wife driving a Rolls-Royce onto their drive until I mentioned that “she drips a bit”. “What? oil?” my father said slightly concerned about his recently ‘Carchered’ driveway. “No matter” he said with a smile. We stayed for a spot lunch (very nice thanks M & D) and afterwards we drove Peabody around the block and up West Wickham High Street which was great fun.

Home time came. We drove a full set of motorways to get home before it got dark. What a fab day!

Peabody now asleep in her garage enjoying a well deserved rest. 🙂