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Peabody is fortunate to possess a wonderful acting heritage. Jeremy Wilkin who owned Peabody from 1980 to 2004 is an accomplished actor having an extensive portfolio of film and TV appearances. For a comprehensive listing see The Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0929229/

Jeremy Wilkin playing the part of Kellman in Doctor Who - The Revenge of the Cybermen

Jeremy Wilkin as ‘Kellman’ in ‘Doctor Who’ – ‘The Revenge of the Cybermen’

Jeremy’s mother, with her stage name Greta Fayne, had an equally busy acting career in stage musicals in the 1920s. She appeared in many notable performances including ‘Babes in the Wood’ at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London’s West End playing the role of Maid Marian. Greta and her husband took delivery of the beautiful, new Peabody in 1934.

Babes in the Wood, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

The Cast of Babes in the Wood, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

Greta’s earliest notable appearance on the stage was in 1921 in a Charles B. Cochran production ‘The League of Notions’, starring alongside the beautiful, wealthy & scandalous Hungarian-American twins better known as the Dolly Sisters (protégés of G. Selfridge).


Greta Fayne

Greta Fayne cigarette card from the 1920s. Source digitalgallery.nypl.org


Greta Fayne

Greta Fayne, Drury Lane, 1937