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Peabody has had some pretty significant work completed in the last week or two and hopefully finishing this week or next. She’s showing her 82 years requiring some tender loving care in her nether regions. Here’s a list of some of the more major work which will rejuvenate Peabody for the forthcoming wedding season:

  • Improving the engine cooling system by clearing the waterways of calcified debris the have built up over the years.
  • New piston rings to improve cylinder compression
  • A de-sludge – clearing the sump of debris from the various sludge traps in the lower part of the engine. This is normal but looks like it hasn’t be done in a while.
  • A new improved specification clutch to cater for modern driving styles and stop-start driving. The original clutch is a known weak point on 20/25s.
  • Brakes checked and deglazed
  • A general service and inspection of all moving parts replacing anything which is worn out or unserviceable.

Calcified waterways

Calcified debris in the waterways – to be cleared out.

I’m longing to get her back. She should feel like a new car….. well, almost.