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Bloody¬†‘ell it was cold overnight last night – about two degrees celsius here in Worthing. So, what better than to try to start Peabody having not started her for a couple of weeks. I have to say I had my doubts whether the battery would hold out for more than a few turns on the starter motor. If you’ve ever tried to start a 20/25 with a starting handle, you realise just quite how much effort it takes just to turn the engine over once!

Bless Peabody’s¬†cotton socks, she started almost like normal. I had to leave her on choke for quite a lot longer than usual but she’s a little beauty and every time I get her started it gives me more and more confidence in her.

Note the bag of cat litter in the photo. A brilliant way to absorb oil from your garage floor. Directions: 1. Simply spread the kitty litter over the affected area. 2. Tread well into the floor crunching the litter underfoot. 3. Leave for a time and then sweep up. Voila! Your garage floor will look spick-n-span. If your car has a dripping problem on a regular basis, simply put the cat litter down, spread out and leave for a few months and replace when ‘soiled’. So, in a way, Peabody is a little like a large incontinent pussycat. And she really does purr beautifully.

Peabody on Choke - Rolls Royce Wedding

Peabody on Choke – Rolls Royce Wedding