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Unlike a modern car where they plug in a computer and it runs a set automated diagnostics, this Rolls-Royce was built to be serviced in one’s garage by a chauffeur/driver with a handful of tools.

Rolls-Royce Chassis Plate GHA

Rolls-Royce Chassis Plate GHA

The 1930s Rolls came with a beautiful set tools stored under the front seat so you could perform a roadside repair if you broke down. If you didn’t know how to fix the problem then somebody driving past probably would. And motorists back then were always eager to help a fellow driver. Then there was always the AA if you were stuck. The AA was established in 1905 and the RAC a few years earlier in 1897 and they would normally fix the problem for you and you’d be on your way in no time. Unlike today where the AA will simply pop your pride and joy on the back of their truck and take you to your chosen garage. The AA mechanics don’t even salute their members any more – shocking behaviour!

Rolls-Royce Tool Kit

Rolls-Royce Tool Kit – unfortunately, a few of the original tools are missing in my kit.

The early 1900s up to the 1950s was the golden age of motoring. Agreed, cars are more reliable today and I wouldn’t be without my modern car to pop to the shops. However, you can feel the heart beating inside these vintage cars and they speak a kind of mechanical language when the engine whispers what’s wrong. And then you really do have a good chance of fixing the problem.

Maybe I was born too late? But maybe not! Where would I be without my iPad to write this blog eh?